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Sinus Precautions

The maxillary sinuses are hollow air-filled spaces that everyone has situated above their upper teeth. If sinus precautions have been recommended for you, you have undergone a procedure involving your sinuses or you have undergone a dental extraction that resulted in exposure of your sinus.  Since the mouth, nose and sinuses can all be connected, sinus precautions are a necessary set of instructions for patients to follow to help facilitate healing after a surgical procedure involving the sinus.  

Please observe the following for 4 weeks if sinus precautions have been recommended for you.

  • Do not blow your nose even if you feel stuffy

  • Do not do anything that creates pressure or suction in your mouth or nose

  • Do not smoke

  • Do not use straws, blow up balloons, play wind instruments or forcibly spit

  • Avoid swimming for 1 month

  • Sneeze with your mouth open

  • Take antibiotics as prescribed

  • It is not uncommon to experience a small amount of bleeding from your nose after a sinus procedure

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